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Very Strong Market Dynamics Continue into Early 2018

It is not unusual for monthly median sales prices to drop during what is often described as the mid-winter market doldrums, but, as seen in the first chart above, not this year in Sonoma: Median prices have been consistently climbing since autumn began, with the fire clearly increasing demand since it occurred, and overriding typical [ More ]

Marin Real Estate Market – A Strong Start to 2018

So far in 2018, the market seems to have mostly brushed aside concerns about increasing home prices, rising interest rates, stock market volatility and new federal tax law changes. It is still too early to come to definitive conclusions about where the year is going, but right now, in most market segments, buyer demand remains …

A Survey of Bay Area Real Estate Markets

Our newly updated median home price maps for Marin, Diablo Valley & Lamorinda, and Wine Country markets in addition to San Francisco by neighborhood. To access them, click on the map image below and then roll your cursor over the maps on the webpage. Bay Area Q4 2017 Median House Sales Prices Bay Area 2017 [ More ]

Positive & Negative Factors in Bay Area Real Estate Markets

Positive & Negative Factors in Bay Area Real Estate Markets

I am often asked how one development or another might affect SF and Bay Area real estate markets – tax law changes, interest rates, soaring stock markets, foreign buyers, migration trends, housing affordability, climate change, new home construction, and so on – but trying to evaluate one factor in isolation is often misleading because multiple [ More ]

Sonoma County Real Estate – New Year Report

There was continued median home price appreciation throughout the Bay Area in 2017, with Sonoma County seeing a noteworthy jump in the fourth quarter due to heightened demand after the tragic fires. From the 3rd to 4th quarters, the house median sales price increased 5%, and condos saw a particularly large percentage increase of 11%. [ More ]

Marin Real Estate – New Year Report

Another strong year in real estate, with continued median home price appreciation in Marin, and indeed throughout the Bay Area. Additional chart: Bay Area Median Home Price Trends by County The chart below, based on CoreLogic S&P Case-Shiller Index data, tracks general price appreciation trends of house in the upper third of prices in the …

What You May Not Know about Marin & the San Francisco Metropolitan Area

While waiting for final data on the feverish 2017 real estate market to arrive, we thought to step back from homes and, instead, look at the people who live in them. Compiled solely for your entertainment and, perhaps, mild edification. Depending on data source, these analyses pertain to either Marin County alone, or to a multi-county …

Sonoma County Real Estate Market Report

We are a little reluctant to talk about real estate market dynamics amid the suffering of so many of our friends and neighbors, but since there are people who still need or want to buy or sell, we have put together the following report. Obviously, the loss of housing from the recent fires is adding [ More ]

Marin County Home Prices & Market Trends

2017 has been a high demand, low supply market in Marin and throughout the Bay Area, with median sales price increases pretty much across the board. As mentioned in earlier reports, the greatest pressure of buyer demand has generally been focused on the more affordable market segments, as defined within each overall county market. The …