Sonoma County Real Estate January 2020 Report

Generally speaking, after years of solid appreciation rates, annual 2019 Bay Area median home prices went down a little bit, went up a little bit or basically remained unchanged as compared to 2018. Sonoma County was one of the markets that ticked down a little – but made a significant recovery from the slowdown that [ More ]

Sonoma County Real Estate December 2019 Report

Bay Area Median Home Prices & Market Sizes by County. Median House Price Trends since 1996 – Selected Communities. These 2 charts are estimated calculations of median home value trends by an algorithm created for that purpose. As always, these numbers should be considered very general approximations of prices in complex markets containing homes of [ More ]

Sonoma County Real Estate November 2019 Report

We will limit our comments regarding the fire to 2 thoughts: It is impossible to express sufficient gratitude to those who have worked on the fire line and those who have stepped forward to help those affected. Secondly, Sonoma has been through natural disasters in the past – floods, fires, droughts and earthquakes – and [ More ]

Sonoma County Real Estate October 2019 Report

Updated Market & Census Statistics, Home Prices & Appreciation Rates, Luxury Home Sales, Price Reductions, Employment, & Interest Rates. Year-over-Year Q3 Comparisons – Q3 2016 – Q3 2019 Median House Sales Prices by Quarter After significant drops in median sales prices beginning in summer 2018 (following a very strong spring 2018 selling season), prices bounced [ More ]

Sonoma County Real Estate September 2019 Report

Home Prices by City; Short-Term & Long-Term Appreciation Trends; Migration In & Out of County; Price Reductions; Unsold Inventory. Home Price Appreciation Trends – Selected Sonoma County Markets Home Prices by City People Moving In & Out of County Using new U.S. Census estimates released 8/29/19, this chart attempts to identify U.S. counties, states and [ More ]

Sonoma County Real Estate August 2019 Report

Sales & Values by City, Price Segment & Lot Size; Luxury Home Sales; Market Seasonality; Market Indicators by City & Price Segment; Foreign Homebuyers in America. Home Sales by Price Segment Sales & Median Sales Prices by Lot Size In San Francisco, houses selling for $8 million and houses selling for $800,000 can both be [ More ]

Sonoma County Q2 Market Report – Compass

Stock markets hit new highs, interest rates hit multi-year lows, and by virtually measurement, the Sonoma County market rebounded in Q2 from the slowdown in the previous 3 quarters. However, these same indicators of market heat were distinctly cooler compared to conditions prevailing in late 2017 and the first half of 2018 – when the [ More ]

Sonoma County Real Estate June 2019 Market Report

Spring Sales Activity Jumps; Median Sales Prices Slightly Down Year-over-Year. Long-Term Median Home Price Trends Short-Term Median Home Price Trends The peak median house sales price in Sonoma County was hit in June of last year. Year-over-Year Comparisons, March-May As we have gotten deeper into spring, the market has heated up considerably. However, by almost [ More ]

Sonoma County Real Estate Entering the Spring Selling Season

Around the Bay Area, spring 2018 was one of the hottest markets in the last 2 decades. The market began to cool considerably in summer and autumn – demand, sales and appreciation rates dropping, while supply and price reductions rapidly increased – and then the mid-winter doldrums took hold. The Sonoma market has been significantly [ More ]

Sonoma County Real Estate Looking Back on 2018

There were almost too many political, economic and even ecological factors – local, national and international – impacting the 2018 market to count. At the end of 2017 and in the first half of 2018, market conditions were very hot in Sonoma and around the Bay Area, and there were strong year-over-year appreciation rates. Come [ More ]