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North Bay Median Home Price Map

Generally speaking, North Bay median home price appreciation continued to accelerate this past spring. Year-over-year appreciation for the 3 North Bay counties has been approximately 25% – 30%. How median sales prices apply to any particular property is impossible to say without a specific comparative market analysis (CMA). Please call or email if you’d like [ More ]

How does Supply and Demand Affect Prices for North Bay Homes?

Supply & Demand and Prices This chart shows the relationship between months supply of inventory – one of the classic measurements of supply and demand – with median sales prices for single family dwellings in the 3 North Bay counties. As the supply dynamic tightened, it led to significant upward pressure on prices. This link [ More ]

Interest Rates: Is the Sky Falling on the Housing Market?

The pundits are making dramatic, even doom-laden pronouncements about what is going to happen with interest rates (and the housing market), though they’ve been wrong so many times over the past few years, these “expert” predictions might be taken with salt-shaker’s worth of salt, perhaps with lemon and a nice shot of tequila. Obviously, interest [ More ]

Marin, Sonoma & Napa: Big Spring Surge in North Bay Home Values

Big Spring Surge in North Bay Home Values Paragon Update for Napa, Sonoma & Marin Counties June 2013 As is occurring in real estate markets across the country, the increase in home values in Marin, Napa and Sonoma counties which began in 2012 accelerated in 2013, especially in the months of March, April and May, [ More ]

North Bay Home Sales by Property Type

Home Sales by Property Type In San Francisco, the number of condo sales recently overtook the number of house sales — a consequence of the huge amount of new condo construction in the greater South of Market area of the city over the past 15 years. However, in the 3 North Bay counties, house sales [ More ]

North Bay House Sales – Over, Under & At Original Asking Price

Listings Selling for Over & Under Asking Price As a market gets hotter, the percentage of listings selling for over asking price increases. However, many North Bay listings are still going for less than list price, and of course, others expire without selling at all. Still, the overall trend is clear: more demand, more competitive [ More ]

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