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Another Hot Autumn RE Market?

After the usual late summer slowdown, the typically very active autumn selling season is relatively short, running from mid-September until mid-November, when activity begins to plunge for the mid-winter holidays. The coming two months will be the next major indicator: Will the Marin homes market continue to maintain the intense high-demand, low-supply heat of this …

1000+ Things to Do and Enjoy in Marin, the Wine Country & San Francisco

Out of town guests are arriving, the kids are hungry, the dog is restless, or you are just lying on the couch hoping for something to motivate you to get up and out of the house. Food, drink, music, dance, yoga, biking, hiking, weekend getaways, meditation retreats, and things to do with visitors, children and [ More ]

Bay Area Home Prices, Incomes & Demographics

Which counties are most expensive or most affordable, have the highest overbidding and appreciation rates? Which are healthiest, most educated, have the highest incomes or worst poverty percentages? What cities have the biggest, most expensive homes? And where do Bay Area residents come from? August 2017 Report Median House Price Appreciation since 1990 Appreciation trend [ More ]

Marin County Real Estate – The Paragon Mid-Year Report

After another feverish spring market, the Marin County median house price hit a new quarterly peak in Q2 2017, $82,000 above the high hit in Q2 2016. This dynamic was prevalent around the Bay Area. And as illustrated in the chart below, luxury home sales also hit a new peak, rising 17% above the number …

Strong Spring Markets In Sonoma County & Around The Bay Area

The chart below compares median house sales prices since 2012 for March through May sales, year-over-year, for Sonoma, Marin and San Francisco Counties: Sonoma prices are illustrated by the blue columns. Many Bay Area Counties hit new peaks in median sales prices this spring, while Sonoma, which started its recovery a bit later than counties closer [ More ]

Feverish Spring Markets Prevail In Marin & Around The Bay Area

This chart below compares median house sales prices since 2012 for March through May sales, year-over-year, for Marin, San Francisco and Sonoma Counties. Marin median prices are illustrated by the dark gray columns. Like Marin, most Bay Area Counties hit new peaks in median sales prices this spring, often by significant margins. Year-over-Year 3-Month Median Sales …

Marin Real Estate – High Demand, Low Supply Continues – Paragon Report

By quantity, home sales in Marin are dominated by Novato, San Rafael and Mill Valley, while the highest median sales prices are typically found in smaller towns. Median sales price is that price at which half the sales sold for more and half for less. It can be and often is affected by factors besides …

Marin County Real Estate: Preliminary Indications of Direction for the 2017 Market

Q1 is the quarter of the year with the least number of closed sales, so too much should not be made of its data, but we have summarized annual Q1 dynamics for the past 4 years in the 2 charts above. In the general residential market (chart 1), the inventory of listings available to buy …

Longer-Term Trends in Sonoma Real Estate, Market Seasonality & Home Price Appreciation by City

Before we look at longer-term market statistical and appreciation trends in the county, this chart above looks at the ebb and flow of new inventory and sales activity during the year. New listings start pouring onto the market in February to peak in mid-spring and early summer. The jump in new inventory fuels sales activity [ More ]

What Costs How Much Where in Marin & Other Angles on Its Real Estate Market

Where to Look to Buy for the Price You Want to Pay The county market for houses under $1,000,000 and for condos is dominated by San Rafael and Novato, by far the biggest cities in Marin. Moving into higher price ranges brings other cities into the picture, notably Mill Valley, San Anselmo and Corte Madera. [ More ]